Developing Personal Learning and Thinking Skills with Students

Reasons for attending this programme:

There is an increased focus on personal and learning related skills on many curriculum programmes particularly for students on higher level courses. This requires teachers to be able to teach a range of skills which have not been taught explicitly in the past. To ensure these crucial skills are developed, teachers need to deliver the principal learning in creative ways to ensure relevancy for the students. Through this process teachers can create the appropriate state of mind necessary for a particular type of thinking or learning.
Creative and reflective thinkers need to utilise the imagination to synthesise learning. Independent enquirers and self-managers need to set realistic goals, prepare, and create imaginative solutions. Team workers and effective participators require high empathic responses and interpersonal skills to gain the best from themselves and others.


What is this training about?
This one day programme is designed to introduce a set of tools to enable teachers to develop these skills for their students.
It will introduce some NLP skills attitudes and behaviours which enable people to achieve beyond what they could previously conceive. This is a model well known and utilised in the field of business and personal development and is now providing some of the most leading edge tools for teachers for both teaching and learning.

During this programme you learn:


Duration: 6 hours
Fees on application

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