The 6 Keys to Successful Classroom Learning

How to accelerate learning in the classroom or workshop

Reasons for attending this programme:
Constant demands on teachers to improve success through the latest initiative or government directive often leaves teachers confused as to what and where to focus in a lesson.

Does this scenario seem familiar? You plan your lesson carefully, taking account of differentiation, personalised learning, assessment, etc. You have spent time creating hand-outs and resources for your class. You have done your best to make the subject interesting and the group were great last week so here we go! Then despite your best efforts the learning just doesn’t seem to take off! What did you miss?

What is this training about?
This programme provides you with the keys to successful learning. Based on the latest research into learning and the human brain plus more than 20 years’ experience focussed on successful learning and motivating students this event provides a simple and easy to follow framework to accelerate learning. What’s more the programme walks it’s talk so you have the practical experience of how and why these tried and tested keys to learning are so effective.

During this programme you learn:



Duration: 6 hours
Fees on application

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