Managing People through Change

Helping you to help your team

Reasons for attending this programme:
The only constant is change!  Its speed and complexity can be daunting for some and invigorating for others.  In extreme cases stressful and demoralising.  
You want you and your team to be resilient, adaptable and flexible enough to cope well and respond successfully to the challenges and opportunities that change can bring.

What is this training about?
This one day programme provides a valuable opportunity you to understand how to support individuals and teams through times of change.  We consider how change is a journey: a process that individuals have to go through in order for effective change to come about at an organisational level.  You gain valuable insights into different responses to change and develop strategies and skills to assist you and your team to move through the process effectively.  The programme provides techniques for managing emotions, sharing information, helping people to see different perspectives and giving them what they need so that they cope well.

During this programme you learn:


Duration: 6 hours                              
Fees on application

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