An introduction to NLP for Teachers

Raising achievement, motivating and creating positive learning with NLP

Reasons for attending this programme:
Education faces many challenges, the imperative to drive up achievements and results, increasingly challenging behaviour in the classroom and more and more paperwork and pressure. We are all looking for the silver bullet or quick fix to make all this happen, however often the models are limited and only work in a few instances. NLP goes beyond this, in skilling practitioners to utilise the relationship between the brain, the body and learning.
What is the training about?
NLP is a set of beliefs, attitudes, and skills that enable learners to achieve more than they could previously conceive.  It uses specific applications based on language and body language to promote learning by enabling the brain to work more elegantly and effectively.  When people fail to understand or change in some way, it is not that they are broken but that they are uneducated in how to use their brain and often have an impoverished internal world.  By enriching this world people are able to learn faster and more creatively

During this introductory programme you learn;


Duration: 6 hours
Fees on application

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